Media Industries

Media Industries is peer-reviewed,multi-media, open-access online journal that supports critical studies of media industries and institutions worldwide. We invite contributions that range across the full spectrum of media industries, including film, television, internet, radio, music, publishing, gaming, advertising, and mobile communications. Authors are encouraged to explore a range of industry-related processes, such as production, distribution, infrastructure, policy, exhibition, and retailing. Contemporary or historical studies may explore industries individually or examine inter-medial relations between industrial sectors employing qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodologies; of primary importance is that submissions adopt a critical perspective. 

The journal is maintained by a managing Editorial Collective and Editorial Board comprised of an international group of media industries scholars.

 Volume 2, Issue 1

Media Industries: Perspectives on an Evolving Field

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 Volume 2, Issue 1

Vol 3, No 1

Editorial responsibility for each issue of Media Industries rotates among member institutions of the journal's Editorial Collective. Stuart Cunningham, Terry Flew, Brian McNair, and Kevin Sanson at the Queensland University of Technology  provided the editorial oversight for Volume 3, Issue 1. 

The editors were supported by Managing Editors, Amelia Arsenault (Georgia State University) and Alisa Perren (University of Texas at Austin); Graduate Student Manager, Laura Felschow (University of Texas at Austin); Graduate Student Web Designer and Administrator, Kyle Wrather (University of Texas at Austin).

Table of Contents


The Rationalizing/Racializing Logic of Capital in Cultural Production HTML PDF
Anamik Saha

The Movie Business as Waste Management Industry HTML PDF
Daniel Herbert

Pamphlets, Commodification, Media Market Regulation and Hegemony: A Transnational Inquiry into the Seventeenth-Century Print Industry in England, France, and the Netherlands HTML PDF
Pascal Verhoest

Studiocanal and the Changing Industrial Landscape of European Cinema and Television HTML PDF
Christopher Meir

MIJ Reviews

Book Review: Rethinking African Cultural Production HTML PDF
Suzanne Gauch

Book Review: Independent Stardom: Freelance Women in the Hollywood Studio System HTML PDF
Vicki Mayer

Book Review: Grindhouse Nostalgia: Memory, Home Video, and Exploitation Film Fandom HTML PDF
Richard Nowell

Book Review: Off-Track and Online: The Networked Spaces of Horse Racing HTML PDF
Ethan Tussey

Book Review: George Kleine & American Cinema: The Movie Business and Film Culture in the Silent Era HTML PDF
W.D. Phillips

ISSN: 2373-9037